Protect your data with the Server ECC Memory DDR3 SDRAM

Experience fast data transfers with added safety and protection by adding the ECC DDR3 SDRAM to your desktop computer system. Use it for gaming or for heavy-duty programs, the ECC DDR3 memory SDRAM card will safely and quickly transfer your data. 

High transfer rates

As the higher speed successor to the previous DDR and DDR2 RAM cards, the DDR3 transfers more data at a time, and quicker. With the ability to transfer data at twice the rate and eight times the speed of internal memory arrays than the DDR2, the more recent DDR3 can get up to 64 times the memory clock speed (MHz). 

Due to the quick and abundant data transfer of the DDR3, using it with gaming systems and for performance expensive programs such as 3D design and video editing is possible at quick and efficient rates. 

With a memory clock of 100 MHz and a maximum transfer rate of 6400 MB/s, the DDR3 SDRAM card, when paired with Intel processors such as the i5 or i7, your computer is capable of serious gaming and memory-taxing programs with ease and without effort. 

Keep your data safe

With the ECC chip module built-in, also known as error correction code, your data is kept safe. Protect the transfers from memory corruption with the additional ninth chip added onto the DDR3 SDRAM, capable of error detection and correction, leaving you at less risk of losing your data. 

More stable and reliable than standard RAM, the ECC cards are perfect for those dealing with important and sensitive data, with a 0 percent risk of any memory or data loss. Although the ECC SDRAM cards can result in a 0.75 - 2 percent slower operation and transfer speed, the price is low to pay to keep everything safe and secure.