Sewing Zips

Zips have been fastening our clothes, coats and shoes for over a hundred years, offering a simple, yet effective closure that saves all that messing about with buttons. And if you're looking for the right zip for your latest creation, you're in the right place because eBay has a huge choice of zips in all kinds of styles, materials and functions, so you can get exactly what you want without compromise.

Metal and Nylon Zips

When it comes to choosing a zip, perhaps the biggest choice is the material. There are three main types of zip: metal toothed zips, moulded plastic toothed zips and zips with teeth made of a nylon coil. Metal and plastic toothed zips will generally cost a bit more but they will last longer and deliver a more reliable performance. Nylon coil zips cost less and are useful for a range of situations, but there is a risk of them splitting or coming unfastened when they are under pressure.

Zip Styles

You can choose a zip to match the style of your piece, with everything from antique brass for feature zips to concealed or invisible zips that are not on show at all. You can also choose the functionality of your zip, with two way zips for coats, standard single ended zips and open-ended zips all available in a range of materials.

Replacement Zips

With a wide selection of zip materials, styles and features, you can find the perfect replacement zip for anything from an expensive coat to your most comfortable pair of jeans, to your warm winter boots. For just the price of a zip, you can save the cost of a full replacement, and extend the life of your favourite clothing and footwear.

Zip Spares

Sometimes you don't even have to replace the whole zip. The range of zip spares on eBay means you can replace the zip pull or mechanism quickly and easily with very little effort, saving the zip and saving a fortune.