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Get the Right Parts for the Job With Shark Vacuum Cleaner Parts

If you vacuum your home or even a commercial property, it is important to have the right pieces of equipment for the job. When using a Shark vacuum cleaner, you have a variety of affordable heads that are specialised for exact purposes. Using the proper attachment and equipment parts can save you a lot of time and energy.

Which Shark vacuum parts are available?

If any part of the vacuum needs to be replaced, the part can be found and installed by following the manufacturer's instructions. Many affordable attachments can be purchased or replaced, along with some of the more intricate parts of the vacuum. You should know that Shark products come with different parts, so be certain to choose the right parts for your vacuum. There are new or used parts available on eBay for both the upright and stick models. You will be able to find parts for the:

  • Battery
  • Belt
  • Handle
  • Hose
Some of the available attachments for Shark vacuums

The Shark hoover parts or attachments can be used to make specific cleaning simpler and more effective. The home and car detail kit allows you to vacuum difficult to reach areas quickly and precisely. The Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum cleaner head power nozzle is another attachment that helps you to lift away dirt deep down in your carpets. This particular head even allows you to go from carpet to hardwood without needing an additional head. You can find just one part of the whole lot. Some of the other Shark accessories or attachments are the:

  • Pet hair air turbo power brush roll
  • Dusting brush
  • shark rotator attachments
  • Upholstery tools
Are the motors available for the Shark vacuums?

Yes. Each vacuum comes equipped with at least one type of motor. The HV302 main motor can be used on the Shark Rocket styles of cleaners. The Professional Shark Navigator Liftaway has a special motor just for the brush roll. For safety, always replace the motor with the same one that the unit came with.

Which filters should you get for these Shark vacuum cleaners?

Many of the Shark filters can be cleaned many times before they need to be replaced. There are different filters for different machines, so you should look at the manual to find the right ones. For your vacuum to function properly, the filters must be the right size and style. Some of the choices include the Shark:

  • NV650
  • NV830
  • GBV-0081