Shipping and Moving Boxes

Finding the perfect moving or shipping box can be as easy as doing a little bit of research. Having the right box can make life much simpler if you're undertaking a big project, like moving house. Or, you might need to find a specific kind of box to send something overseas or store items. You can search for new or used boxes. The prices will vary depending on their condition, as well as the size and materials, so be sure to fully consider what you'll be using them for before you make a purchase, particularly if you're buying bulk.

Double Wall Boxes

Double wall boxes have two layers of corrugated board, so they tend to be better for holding heavier items. Shopping by purpose, whether that's moving, posting, storing or packing items is a good way to start. To give you some ideas, typical products include strong double wall cardboard boxes in packs of 20, and large wardrobe boxes, perfect if you packing up your clothing.

Single Wall Boxes

With just one robust layer of cardboard, single wall boxes are commonly used for most postal items. You can find them in almost any size, from larger containers, made to hold a collection of bits and bobs, to letterbox sized boxes for gifts and purchases. You can find products like quality postal mailing boxes, large storage boxes in packs of 10 or 20 or even more, and small white postal boxes.

Heavy Duty Boxes

If you need to pack up heavy belongings, heavy duty boxes might be the best option. They often have corrugated cardboard to keep everything reinforced and are in a bigger size, so they're capable of holding a lot more. Some come with house move essentials like bubble wrap and tape, so take a look at the purpose of each type of product and see whether they come with any handy extras.

Top Products in Shipping & Moving Boxes

  • 20 Strong Cardboard Storage Packing Moving House Boxes Double Walled With Tape X
  • Triplast 229 X 152 X 152mm Small Single Wall 9x6x6 Mailing Postal Gift
  • 15x 18x18x18" Double Wall Cardboard Boxes for Posting Storage Moving
  • 5 X Large Strong Wardrobe Garment Double Wall Removal Boxes
  • StorePAK Large Cardboard Stackable Storage Boxes Set of 5
  • 10 Xx large Double Wall Moving Cardboard Boxes 30x20x20"