Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage

Whether you love shoes or simply view them as a necessity to get you from A to B, its likely youll have a bare minimum of everyday shoes, formal shoes, running trainers and possibly flip flops in your home. No matter how many pairs of shoes you have, its a good idea to keep them organised.

The size of your shoe collection and how much floor space you have at your disposal are two key factors that will influence the type of shoe storage you choose.

Depending on your appreciation for fashion, you may want to proudly display your shoe collection or hide it away out of sight. Whatever your preference, youll find thousands of options and shoe storage solutions available. Popular brands include Premier Housewares, IKEA, Whitefurze, OSPI and Russel.

Hanging Shoe Organiser

This type of shoe storage is one of the most versatile as it can be placed over the back of bedroom and cupboard doors or inside wardrobes. Provided you have vertical space, hanging shoe organisers are one of the most practical solutions, due to their easy installation and low cost.

Choose from opaque materials or clear plastic which will make it easier to find the shoes youre looking for. You can find hanging shoe organisers with a capacity of up to 50 pairs.

Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are freestanding units that can be placed wherever you have floor space in your home, such as hallways and at the bottom of cupboards. Theyre available in a range of lengths and up to 10 tiers high. Typically youll find plastic, metal or wooden frames designed to support larger collections.

Shoe Cabinets

These free standing cabinets are designed to look like chests of drawers and cupboards so they easily blend into your home. Choose from traditional drawers, sliding doors and front opening design styles for easy access to your collection. Wood and plastic designs are the most popular although metal versions are also available.

Top Products in Shoe Storage

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