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Sigma Camera Flash

An external flash is a must for any keen photographer. Your camera's in-built flash is only effective up to a point so investing in an external Sigma camera flash will open up endless opportunities to improve your images.

External flashes are more powerful but use their own batteries so as not to drain your camera's. More power means you can photograph subjects at a greater distance or in a wider frame; you can also achieve a more professional finish in close-ups and portraits.

Being able to adjust the power and direction of your flash makes all the difference in ensuring your photos are not over-exposed or filled with the dreaded red-eye. Ensure the Sigma flash you choose is compatible with your camera model. Sigma also offers a wide range of camera lenses and teleconverters .

Professional features

Sigma flashes come with a variety of features to improve your photography. Swivel heads allow you to tilt the flash at different angles to achieve the best result. An AF Assist function will boost your flashes performance in low-light levels and reduce red-eye. Choosing a flash with dual tubes allows you to fire them separately or in combination for different image effects. Many flashes have high-speed sync and wireless capabilities that make viewing and editing your snaps quick and easy.

Flashes with a modelling mode allow you to check the reflections and shadow of your subject before you shoot, great for ensuring you have the right lighting for a portrait. Having this feature built-in with TTL (or through-the-lens) monitoring eliminates the need for carrying separate hand-held light meters.

The Sigma Story

Since establishing in 1961, US brand Sigma resisted the draw of expanding their operations into other electrical items and focused on doing one thingreally well; photography equipment. A collaborative design process produces premium results and all products undergo thorough, high-tech testing before being released to market. Renowned for their high performance and reliability, Sigma are known as a brand preferred by professional photographers.

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