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Simba Mattresses

Get the best nights sleep with Simba mattresses

If youre looking to refresh your main bed, spare bed or kids beds with a comfortable new support mattress, then look no further than the amazing quality roll-up mattresses from Simba. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Simba Hybrid mattresses combine layers of high-density foam and memory foam with a layer of their unique, revolutionary conical pocket springs. As the conical pocket springs move both horizontally and vertically, a Simba mattress will mould to your body shape as you move around, offering exceptional comfort and support. 

Medium/firm Simba mattresses

With all those fantastic layers, its difficult to believe that the Simba Hybrid Mattress actually comes in a box. Medium/firm-feel mattresses boast up to 2,500 individual conical pocket springs which adjust to you whilst youre asleep. Underneath these springs, youll find 3.5cm of memory foam which again moulds to your body. Its then all supported by a superbly-engineered base with seven different zones. These are then topped by a layer of Simbatex, which is a type of latex which is known to offer the very best support without overheating your body. Plus theyre perfect for allergy sufferers as theyre hypoallergenic. 

Simba Luxe mattresses

Complete with nine comfort layers, the Luxe mattress from Simba offers you the most luxurious sleep night after night. With a specially designed comfort zone for maximum support, the smaller, finer springs are totally responsive to your body shape. The mattress will maintain a cool body temperature too, thanks to the revolutionary Simbatex material that delivers superior airflow and durability. Plus, its softer, thicker and very durable. 

Simba bunkbed mattresses

Simba mattresses arent just for grown-ups! You can find mattresses suitable for a single bed and bunk bed and they still have all of the comfort and technology of the full sized version. Each mattress will fit all standard bed bases - you just need to check that the slats are evenly spaced for a totally even sleep surface.