Finding a Proper Singer Sewing Machine Table or Collectable Sewing Machines

The charming addition of a Singer sewing machine table to your home or garden can create a cosy spot for tea. These lovely sewing machine tables, vintage and pre-owned, can be upcycled for new purposes, such as vanity tables, crafting stations, or a statement piece within your home's decor. On eBay, UK buyers can harness the power of global listings to find an affordable Singer sewing table.

Determining the age of a Singer sewing table

Finding the age of your Singer sewing table can be helpful in determining whether the old Singer sewing machine table is an antique or may perhaps have interesting connections to different historical eras or events. To find the age of a Singer sewing machine table, check for this information: If the Singer sewing machine table includes the original Singer sewing machine, check the front of the sewing machine for a serial number; serial numbers can be matched to the manufacture year as published by Singer.

Are there different conditions that are used to determine the value of an antique Singer sewing machine table?

Valuation of any antique item, including Singer sewing tables, can be challenging and may require consulting with an expert. Using current sold listing prices of comparable Singer sewing tables can also be a helpful means of determining a fair and appropriate value. In general, these conditions will contribute to an increased value for your antique Singer sewing machine table:

  • Overall condition - A Singer sewing machine table in mint condition with original detailing and artwork will fetch a higher value than those showing wear or lacking original finish.
  • Original parts and accessories - Singer sewing machine tables that include all original parts, accessories, and owner's manual will fetch a higher value.
  • Notable provenance - If the Singer sewing machine table has verifiable records - photos, letters, historical documentation - that it was owned and used by a historically notable person, this may also increase the value.
Valuable finishes on antique Singer sewing machines

When searching for antique Singer sewing machines, you should be aware that certain finishes on the Singer sewing machine are harder to find and therefore are valued higher and may also be priced higher as well. Many antique Singer sewing machines feature a polished black finish decorated with gold painted designs. The crackled black lacquer finish is considered rare and highly sought-after by collectors.