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Got one to sell?

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Single-use 9 V block batteries to keep you powered up

9V block batteries are the familiar rectangular batteries with twin connectors on the top, one male and one female. They are usually attached to the device by a flexible connector on the end of a pair of wires. These single-use batteries are also known as LR22, MN1604 or 6LR61 batteries and can come in three types, alkaline, lithium and zinc carbon. 

Which single use 9 V block battery is right for me?

Different battery types have different advantages, so it is worth thinking carefully before you buy. For use in smoke detectors, digital clock backups and emergency torches, zinc-carbon batteries will give you long lasting use for the lowest price. For general use, 9 V block alkaline batteries are a good balance between price, power and performance, while for high power drain, such as children's toys and remote control cars, it's worth investing in the extended life and higher quality of lithium batteries. 

Buying single use 9 V block batteries

Since this type of battery tends to be used for long lasting, low drain uses, they usually need replacing far less often than other battery types, such as AA or AAA. So, while you can still save money by buying in bulk, you may not need that many batteries making bulk buying a false economy. Single-use 9V block batteries are normally sold singly or in packs of two, with individual batteries costing as little as one pound. 

Choosing your battery brand

Known battery brand names, such as Duracell and Energiser, can cost a little more, but they will usually perform better and last longer, making the extra cost more than worthwhile. There is also far less risk of problems, such as leakage, with a brand name battery. For heavy-duty use, look for batteries labelled industrial. These are designed for longer life and increased reliability for commercial users. 

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