Skateboard Ramps & Jumps

Practice those tricks on your own skateboard ramps and jumps and take your skateboarding to the next level. Or earn the proud title of ‘world's coolest parent' when you buy ramps and jumps for your skate-mad kids. You could even create a mini skate park in your garden or drive. From basic ramps for beginners to grind rails and half-pipes for more advanced skateboarders, there's plenty to choose from. And then you can get down to practising your axle drop-ins and your pivot stalls.

Something for All Abilities

If you are looking for a gentle ramp to get things started, a simple single mini ramp is a great choice. The smooth kicker will launch you into the air for your first taste of jumping. Or how about a double ramp that you can skate up and down both sides? It can be an easy way to get used to launching up a ramp with the security of a get-out if need be. Many of the mini ramps are suitable for children as young as five and many skaters believe it's the ideal time to learn.

As skating confidence grows, you can progress onto some more adrenaline-fuelled skateboard ramps. Just placing two launch ramps next to each other with a gap to clear can nicely up the ante. You can also find grind rails, full-size launch ramps, four-way skate ramps and (if you have the space for it) quarter pipes and half pipes.

Skate Ramp Features

Look for ramps that include non-slip pads and decorative stickers for added cool. Ramps produced in hard-wearing, weather-proof materials are best if you don't want to be hauling them in and out of the house all the time. There are also handy kits that include a selection of ramps and rails to get you started.