Enjoy TV on Demand with the Sky Wireless Connector

The Sky wireless connector allows you to connect your Sky HD box to a wireless network. Enable internet dependent Sky TV services, even if your broadband router is in a different room to your Sky box. Access TV on demand and other Sky+ HD box-enabled internet services with a Sky wireless connector from eBay.

Does the Sky wireless connector require an external power source?

Yes. Model SC201 requires an external power source, but model SD501 is powered via a USB connection to the Sky HD box. If in doubt, see the manufacturer site for details.

How does the Sky wireless adapter connect to your Sky HD box?

Model SC201 connects to your Sky HD box via an Ethernet cable while model SD501 connects via a USB cable. If in doubt, see the manufacturer site for details.

What range does the Sky wireless adapter have?

Because the sky wireless adapter is a receiver rather than a transmitter, it does not have any specific range. As long as the wireless adapter can receive a WiFi signal from your home network, it should be able to connect. Models SD501 and SC201 both have wireless network connection status lights to indicate whether the device is currently connected to a network. If the device is connected, the wireless indicator will be lit with a solid white light. If the device is not connected, the wireless indicator light will not be illuminated.

How do you connect to a wireless network?

You can enter the wireless network password by using your sky remote. If your password contains non-alphanumeric characters, press 0 to access the special character menu. Sky wireless connectors also support wireless protected setup if your broadband router has a WPS button. To connect via WPS, first press the WPS button on your router, then press the WPS button on your Sky wireless connector. The wireless indicator light will flash amber whilst connecting with your network, and will turn white once connected.

  • Make sure your Sky HD box is turned on, and select a channel.
  • Connect the Sky wireless connector to your Sky HD box.
  • Connect the power cable to your Sky wireless connector if required by your model.
  • Wait for a list of available wireless networks to be displayed on screen, this could take 1-2 minutes.
  • Select your wireless network, enter the password, then press the select button to save your network details.
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