Slide Projectors

Slide Projectors

Despite being in the digital age, nothing quite compares to the clickety-clack of a slide projector as it whirs through a precious slide collection.

Slide projectors first became widespread in the 1950s for home entertainment. Their ability to project an image so that it could be viewed by many people in the same room ensured the slide projector endured in popularity right up to recent times and the advent of the digital image and projector.

In its rudimentary form, a slide projector is an electric bulb with reflector and condenser lenses, a slide holder and a focusing lens. That simplicity belies the enormous range of types and styles of slide projectors that proliferate the slide projector listings. Whilst very few (if any) slide projectors are currently produced, examples of all leading brands from the past seventy or so years can be found and purchased.

Types of Slide Projectors

There are 35mm, medium format and large format projectors with straight trays, vertical or horizontal carousels plus stack holder and slide cube projectors along with many more variations including those that throw a stereo 3D image. Slide projectors may have automatic or manual feed and automatic or manual focus, with peculiarities evident between manufacturers.

A Projector for Every Kind of Buyer

Whether replacing a broken projector, collecting vintage projectors, searching for spare parts or looking for equipment to display inherited slide collections, all famous and relatively obscure slide projector brand names can be searched for including Kodak, Rollei, Hanimex, Braun, Leitz, Leica and many more. Vintage and used slide projectors also make good gifts to elderly relatives who may have slide collections and non-working projection equipment.

Buying Older Electric Equipment

With some slide projectors dating back to the mid 20th century, its advisable to carefully inspect devices before operating them. A service plus a portable appliance test (PAT) is highly recommended, especially for slide projector equipment at the further reaches of the vintage spectrum.