Simplify Your Entertainment System With a Smart TV With Built-In Wifi

With an ever-expanding range of on-demand services and providers, it can be daunting trying to remember which device goes with what service. A Smart TV with built-in wifi can help you eliminate this hassle and simplify your viewing experience. By looking though eBay's broad selection of used and new models, you can pick out the perfect Smart TV for your needs.

Do you need a separate box or device to use a Smart TV?

No. With a Smart TV that has built-in wifi, you can access your preferred internet-enabled apps directly. This means you can access the platforms that provide on-demand content, streaming media and content directly to your television without the need for any additional devices.

How should you decide which Smart TV to purchase?

Choosing the right Smart TV for your needs comes down to a number of factors which include, but are not limited to:

  • Budget - It is always advisable to set a budget first as then you can filter the options to only let you see only what is affordable.
  • Screen size - If you intend to place the TV in your living room, you'll probably want a larger display than you'd put in a bedroom.
  • Available apps - While many apps are available across all brands some apps aren’t available on all Smart TVs so, depending on your viewing habits, this should influence your decision.
  • Brand preference - If you have other entertainment devices from a particular brand, it's often a good idea to select a Smart TV made by the same brand to maximise compatibility.
What types of screen displays are available?

You can find curved or flat screen displays in sizes ranging from 24 inches up to 86 inches, although you should see the manufacturer site for details. The different types of screens and resolutions found on Smart TVs include:

  • 4k/Ultra HD - 4K Ultra HD TVs offer a screen resolution of 8.3 million pixels, which result in excellent pictures, vivid colours, and a higher bit depth.
  • OLED - Organic Light-Emitting Diodes provide each pixel with its own illumination to produce rich images.
  • LED - Similar to OLED, pixels are illuminated to provide the images, but the entire screen is backlit at the same time to create the picture.