Snooker & Pool Cues

If you want to have fun playing snooker or pool and play like a pro, you'll need the right cue. There are big differences in the types of cues available and the prices can vary to match. In actual fact, there are even some cues that can be used for either sport, while others are designed especially for one or the other, or even for billiards. You can also shop for top brands or find unbranded products depending on your budget and preferences.

To widen your search, have a look at new and used items. It can give you more opportunity to buy the exact cue you want, especially if your budget is limited.

Snooker Cues

The difference between a snooker and pool cue partly comes down to the type of ball they are made to hit. Snooker balls are lighter and smaller and snooker cues are designed with smaller tips to suit. They're also lighter to hold. Interestingly, the standard length of snooker and pool cues is the same.

Example products range from the likes of complete snooker cue sets to handmade cues and accessories.

Pool Cues

If pool is your sport, check out pool cues rather than hybrids or snooker cues. They will help you hit the heavier balls used in pool for starters, helping you to play better.

To give you some idea of what's on offer, you can find gift sets with funky patterns and designs or full sets of assorted sized pool cues.

Mini and Novelty Cues

Mini pool cues can be handy in tighter spots, while novelty cues make the perfect gift for any keen pool or snooker player. To give you some inspiration, you'll find cues that are made especially for children or smaller rooms which is perfect if you're limited on space around your pool table.