Dress Comfortably with a Sock Aid

To regain your independence and reduce pain, use a sock aid. eBay has several choices, which will help you to save time, and get ready for events without experiencing discomfort while you are recovering from surgery, or pregnant.

Will a sock aid fit feet of any size?

Yes. A sock aid is designed to fit all feet, and any one on eBay should work well for you. You can use them with socks, and different types of stockings, including compression stockings. A child can use the same sock aid as an adult, making it easy for children with special needs to independently dress themselves for play or school.

Are the handles on a sock aid padded?

Most sock aids on eBay come with padded handles, which reduce the discomfort of putting on socks for people with arthritis in their hands. The padding may be up to three centimetres thick, so it does not lose its shape. Some people can only use one hand, so they benefit from sock aids which have no heel binding and allow sock aids to come off smoothly. Many sock aids are designed to be used with just one hand, or by people who have weak arms due to surgery or a health condition.

Will socks slide off the sock aid while you are using it?

No. Socks and stockings are made of different materials, and some are quite silky, but sock aids have a slip-resistant cuff, which prevents the socks from sliding down.

Are sock aids made with latex?

Not usually. Socks aids on eBay are made to be used by people with skin sensitivities and are formed using medical-grade plastic, so they do not usually contain latex. Many are lightweight and have a plastic core that is very flexible, so you can put your socks on with a sock aid, even after an injury. Many also prevent irritation due to the following features:

  • The loop handles are broad, making them comfortable for people with limited hand or finger movement.
  • A layer of soft terry cloth helps to prevent abrasions.
  • They have a nylon layer which reduces friction.
Can you adjust the height of sock aids?

Yes. Almost all sock aids from eBay are adjustable, allowing you to put on your socks in bed, or in your favourite chair. Most extend to a maximum of 30 inches with the click of a button, and these are easier to use for people with limited mobility in their hands, than those which must be tied with knots to adjust the height.