Save a Bundle on FM2 Motherboards!

A socket FM2 motherboard will accept any AMD dual or quad core processor that is based on the Piledriver architecture. Socket FM2+ motherboards accept AMD processors based on the Steamroller architecture. You can find FM2 motherboards at low prices on eBay.

Do socket FM2 and socket FM2+ both have the same pin layout?

Both sockets use a very similar 31 pin x 31 pin layout around a small central void, and both employ a similar lever operated pin clamp mechanism that holds the CPU firmly in place maintaining electrical contact. There is however, one important difference between FM2 and FM2+ that you should be aware of. Socket FM2 uses a 904 pin layout, whereas socket FM2+ uses a 906 pin layout.

Which processors are compatible with socket FM2 motherboards?

You can use any Piledriver architecture quad or dual-core AMD processor that has an operating frequency of 4100MHz or less in a socket FM2 motherboard, this includes processors with onboard graphics (APUs). In addition to supporting Steamroller architecture CPUs, FM2+ socket motherboards are also backwards compatible with all FM2 socket Piledriver CPUs and APUs. FM2 and FM2+ both support dual-channel DDR3 memory modules in speeds of 1333 MHz, 1600 MHz, 1866 MHz, and 2133 MHz. See the below list for more details on compatible CPUs:

  • Socket FM2 or FM2+: Sempron 240 / 250 processors.
  • Socket FM2 or FM2+: Athlon X2 350 processors.
  • Socket FM2 or FM2+: Athlon X2 370K processors.
  • Socket FM2 or FM2+: Athlon X4 750 processors.
  • Socket FM2 or FM2+: Athlon X4 760K processors.
  • Socket FM2 or FM2+: Trinity core APUs.
  • Socket FM2 or FM2+: Richland core APUs.
  • Socket FM2+ only: Athlon Kaveri core processors.
  • Socket FM2+ only: A6 / 8 / 10 Series Kaveri core APU.
  • Socket FM2+ only: Athlon Carrizo core processors.
Why are socket FM2 processors compatible with socket FM2+ motherboards?

AMD launched its FM2 socket Piledriver processors in 2012. FM2+ socket processors were released in over a year later in January 2014. Although socket FM2+ uses more pins than socket FM2, it was purposefully designed to be backwards compatible with FM2. Rather than being an entirely new socket design, FM2+ is actually just a revised version of socket FM2 that has been modified to support the newer Steamroller architecture. For this reason, socket FM2 is also commonly referred to as "socket FM2b".