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Buyer's Guide to Selecting Solar Light Batteries

Whether your mission is to help save the planet or some extra money, solar light batteries allow you to do both. Solar light batteries recharge through sunlight so that they can provide you with continuous energy for your devices. On eBay, there are many affordable solar light batteries to choose from, which is why it is essential that you know the features so that you can select the right ones for you.

How many batteries come in a solar light battery pack?

Solar light batteries often come in packs of:

  • 4 batteries
  • 8 batteries
  • 10 batteries
  • 20 batteries
What types of solar batteries are available?

There are many types of solar batteries available on eBay. Solar batteries often come in various sizes and wattages. When selecting a solar battery, it is essential that you choose one that is the right size for your device. A few examples of battery sizes include AA, AAA, AAAA, D, 12 V, 18500, and 18650. Some solar batteries have different chemical makeups such as alkaline, high capacity NiMH, Li-Ion, lithium, and NiCad. The chemical makeup helps determine the voltage and amp hours. Voltages can range between 1.2 V and 24 V. If you use AA batteries, the voltage would be 1.2 as small devices do not require much power. Amp hours range between 2.5 Ah and 12 Ah so that your device can quickly start up with a solar battery.

The different types of solar batteries allow you to utilize many different devices. Be sure to check your device's manufacturer instructions before purchasing a solar battery so that you can make sure it is not only the right size but also has the correct voltage and amp hours.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor solar batteries?

Indoor solar batteries typically go in small devices, such as remotes and cameras, whereas outdoor solar batteries usually feature a solar panel on the outside of the device. Many outdoor solar light batteries utilize materials that do not rust quickly so that your device continues to work during rain and snow.

Outdoor batteries are typically larger than indoor ones; however, there are small outdoor batteries available for light fixtures and other small devices. It is essential that you purchase outdoor batteries for equipment that remain outdoors so that you can preserve the integrity of the cell as well as the device for years to come.

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