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Sony A Camera Lens

Sony's A-mount camera system is one of their most popular ranges of DSLR. Sony A camera lenses are a versatile choice, as they can be used both with the Sony A-mount camera range and with cameras from the newer E-mount range, when paired with the appropriate adapter. This means if you upgrade your A-mount camera to an E-mount, you will still be able to use your lenses.

Choosing a selection of A-mount camera lenses will allow you to experiment with different photography techniques and have fun expanding your creative photography skills. Whether you love shooting landscapes, portraits or close-ups, having a range of lenses at your disposal will ensure you're always prepared.

A choice of lenses

Sony have produced a variety of A-mount lenses, all offering different visual effects. Macro lenses are perfect for taking close-up photographs without losing picture quality. Zoom lenses come in a range of strengths - the larger the number of mm, the greater the focal length or zoom.

A powerful zoom lens can be an excellent choice for landscape and nature photography. Look out for lenses that come with a hood attachment, which helps eliminate glare.

Wide-angle lenses are a great all-round choice that can be used to take both beautiful panoramic shots and intimate portrait photographs.

The Sony story

The Japanese brand was established in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka. The Sony name was dreamt up by merging two words: the Latin word for sound, "sonus", and the colloquial word for boy, "sonny", which at the time in Japan referred to dapper young men, such as the company's founder.

The company went on to design, develop and produce a wide range of electrical consumer goods, including cameras, as well as move into new areas like insurance and banking. Sony pride themselves on launching many innovative 'world's first' products in their quest to stay at the cutting edge of the technological world.

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