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Sony Camera Viewfinders and Eyecups

Most digital cameras don't come with viewfinders or eyecups, instead you need to preview your shot using the LCD display. If you are keen to shoot with a viewfinder, you will need to purchase one to be attached to your camera on the flashgun hotshoe. These Sony camera viewfinders and eyecups are the perfect addition to your camera.

Types of viewfinder

Optical viewfinders (OVF) show you exactly what the lens is seeing by looking through a hole above it. There's no time lag or resolution limits when using an OVF, and they also don't use any battery power at all. This allows you to set up a shot even before your digital camera is turned on, saving you some additional battery life. In addition, these types of camera viewfinders aren't affected by bright light.

With electronic viewfinders (EVF), a video feed from the camera's sensor is displayed on the when looking into the viewfinder.

You get a larger view with an EVF and they can also show 100% of what the sensor is capturing in the final photo. It's also easier to see the screen in low-light situations as the LCD screen brightens automatically. Useful extras offered by this type of viewfinder include a live histogram map, showing dark and light image tones, as well as a live look at white balance settings.

Make sure that you check the specs to make sure your chosen viewfinder is compatible with your camera.

Types of eyecups

The camera eyecup is designed to make viewing more comfortable, with a contoured frame that rests comfortably on the user's eye. The aim of the eyecup is to reduce pressure on the eye when using the camera and they are usually made with rubber surrounding the viewfinder glass.

As with any camera accessory, make sure that the eyecup fits your specific camera model before purchasing. These eyecups range from small replacement eyecups for small mirrorless cameras, to large hoodeye models that are designed for professionals that might need glasses when shooting.

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