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Got one to sell?

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Enjoy your Favourite Program in Comfort with a Sony Remote Control

The television remote control brings a great deal of convenience to users, leaving them bereft when it fails. If you drop it or damage it in any way, you're back to the old process of getting out of your seat to change channels. Rather than suffering, choose a replacement from eBay's vast collection, and channel hop to your heart's content from your sofa.

How do you ensure that the new Sony remote control is compatible with your TV?

You need to identify the model number of the remote control you would like to replace. Most remote controls have the model number etched on the outer casing, while others might have it stamped on the battery compartment. If you still can’t find it, check the manual or see the manufacturer's website.

What should you consider when buying a universal Sony remote control?

Universal TV remote controls perform the primary function of controlling the television. Unlike regular remote controls, the universal type supports functionality with a range of other components connected to the television, including DVD players, VCRs, and other peripherals.

How do you check compatibility of a Sony universal remote control with other TV sets?

The beauty of using a universal remote control is that it is not brand specific. Although a universal Sony remote control will be compatible with other brands, it is always advised to see the manufacturer's site for full details as not all universal remotes are compatible with all devices.

What is the maximum range the remote control can send signals?

Infrared remote controls send signals within a range of 10-20 m i.e. 35-70 feet. IR works like visible lights so has relatively low energy electromagnetic radiation which can’t penetrate solid walls. This means you can’t switch on your television, DVD, or other device from another room.

What other functionality does a Sony remote control offer?

As well as play/pause/forward functions, some models come with additional buttons to allow full control of your viewing experience, giving easy access to subscription and streaming services. These might include:

  • Netflix.
  • Google Play.
  • Guides and menus.
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