Space Invaders Arcade Machines

Turn Back Time with A Space Invaders Arcade Machine

If you miss going to the arcade, listening to mix tapes, and wearing stone-washed jeans, you likely grew up watching movies with a VCR player and either slicked back your hair or puffed it out to be as gigantic as possible. If you want to reminisce the distinctive feel of the eighties and its retro culture, you can turn back time with some nostalgic 80s memorabilia, like a Space Invaders arcade machine. eBay has a large collection of Space Invaders arcade games to choose from.

Can you buy a brand new Space Invaders arcade machine?

Yes, you can buy a new Space Invaders arcade machine. These are usually manufactured by specialised video game and table furniture companies. Many are custom-built, so you can often find one on eBay that will fit in your home or office exactly the way you want it to, including tabletop machines, stand-up machines, and even mini-size Space Invaders video game players.

  • Tabletop players: Place the arcade unit right on top of your table or desk. These are great if you want to save space since they wont invade your desk, literally.
  • Stand-up players: The original Space Invaders arcade machine was a stand-up arcade game, so an upright unit offers the most authenticity. They feature joysticks, buttons, and a large display screen.
  • Convertible units: Many units come with removable stand-up mounts, so you can choose to play upright with the stand or place it on a desk or table for seated gaming.
  • Mini machines: An economical choice if limited on space or budget. You can still enjoy full game-playing action since its the software that counts, not the hardware.
What is the objective in Space Invaders?

Space Invaders is an addictive action game where users shoot large cannon lasers to try and hit an army of aliens attempting to invade their spaceship. The aliens would come down in five rows from the top of the screen, so players need to slide cannons from left to right to stop them all. The goal is to receive the highest score by zapping as many aliens and flying saucers as you can.

Can you play Space Invaders in two-player mode?

Yes, you can play Space Invaders in two-player mode. In one-player mode, you simply challenge yourself by trying to beat your own high score. In two-player mode, players team up to save their ship while trying to get a higher score than the other.