Spider & Insect Supplies 

Spider and insect supplies include items suitable for both adults and children. They may include things like butterfly nets, organic substrate for spiders or ants and pest control products. 

These essentials will help with the care of spiders and insects, the control of unwanted spiders and insects, and the catching and examining of spiders and insects.

Different Types Of Spider and Insect Supplies

  • Nymphs, Larvae and Eggs - These are young creatures that would then be maintained in order to grow them into full sized adults of whichever species you have chosen.
  • Adult Insects or Spiders - Certain insects or spiders are sold in adult form.
  • Housing - Tanks, vivariums and enclosures are available for various different types of spider and insect. These products tend to be made with glass or plastic, and are specially designed to provide a ventilated but secure space to house spiders or insects.
  • Kits - Designed to provide a complete starter setup for the spider or insect, these  may include housing, food, substrate, heating products, watering products and heat/ humidity regulators or gauges.
  • Substrates - Certain insects and spiders require substrates and soil free from any additions. Substrates are commonly organic, free from other pests or insects and free of chemicals.
  • Traps/Insect killers - These may be glue traps, or poison nuggets placed to collect or kill certain unwanted insects.
  • Nets/kits for children - Butterfly nets and starter kits for children are designed with adult supervision in mind. Designed for children with a curiosity about insects and spiders found in the garden, also suitable for school projects or use.

The Benefits Of Insect and Spider Supplies

  • Spiders or insects kept as pets are kept healthy, well maintained and enriched
  • Owners of spiders or insects are able to enjoy viewing a happy, healthy insect or spider
  • Spider or insect containers are secure, ensuring insects or spiders, particularly those that are rare or dangerous, are kept safely and securely within their container
  • Children can enjoy studying and learning about insects and spiders
  • Homes or establishments are able to rid themselves of unwanted insects or spiders easily

Safety and Maintenance Of Spider & Insect Supplies

In all cases, careful attention should be paid to the manufacturer's safety and maintenance instructions. This is particularly important in the case of specialist kits, live insects and spiders and pest control products.