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Sports, hobbies and leisure

Make the most of your spare time by enjoying some sports, hobbies and leisure activities. Right here on eBay, you'll find an exciting range of items, including sports equipment and musical instruments. You can prepare for your next big game or finally start learning to play an instrument. 

You'll even find a range of events tickets, perfect for birthdays or family outings. Go and see your favourite show with the latest theatre tickets, catch your favourite stand-up comedian with comedy tickets or finally see your favourite band with concert tickets. 


Ensure that you're prepared for your big game or your first practice session with the latest sports equipment. If you're an avid football player, go for a set of the latest football boots. These must-have items are essential for any football player, from beginners to professionals, so it's worth having a pair. 

You'll find boots made for real grass, astroturf or even indoor use. They're also available from a range of brands, like Nike, adidas and Umbro, so you're sure to find the perfect item. Keep an eye out for limited edition football boots, such as a pair of adidas Predator Accelerator, for something with a touch more style. 


Or you can find the perfect items to get you through all 18 holes, like golf clubs. Available with a range of configurations that are perfectly suited to each level of skill, there's something for every type of golfer. Go for a full set of new Callaway golf clubs for a great way to tee off your love for golf, or finish off your collection with a single driver from TaylorMade. 

Camping equipment

Get ready for the outdoors with some camping equipment. A brand new tent for up to eight people offers more than enough room for the whole family to enjoy, making for the perfect weekend away. 

Or you can make sure that you're prepared for the great outdoors with some new camping clothing. With thick camping jackets from The North Face, durable Berghaus hiking boots and waterproof Regatta hats, you'll be able to weather any storm. 

Take to the roads in style with an electric bike. You can sit back and relax whilst your bike does all the work for you. You can also peddle for an extra boost of speed. These bikes are ideal for commuting to and from work as you don't need to exert too much energy to get going. 

Electric bikes and scooters

Or opt for a classic mountain bike so you can fully enjoy off-road trails. These typically come with thicker tyres with deep treads, front and rear suspension and gears. Choose from high-end brands like Specialised, or go for something more affordable with a Raleigh mountain bike. 

If bikes are not your thing, then go for an easy to use scooter. These offer speed and comfort whilst remaining lightweight and portable. Electric scooters give you an extra push when you need it, whilst standard push scooters require more effort. You'll even find stunt scooters that are designed specifically for performing amazing tricks and flying over ramps. 

Musical instruments

Start your musical career with a brand new or used musical instrument. Explore a range of items from beginner instruments to those suited to those with years of experience. Go for a guitar to start your rock'n'roll career and choose from iconic brands like Gibson, Fender and Stagg. 

Learn the piano if you're more interested in classical music. You'll find a range of both acoustic and digital pianos from brands like Roland, Yamaha and Bechstein. 

Or upgrade your drumkit with a set of new drums. Choose from acoustic or electric kits to suit your home, with acoustic kits are often larger and louder than electric models.