Squeegees & Window Cleaning

Buy Your Window Cleaning Equipment on eBay

If you want to get crystal clear windows, you need to purchase window cleaning equipment for your home that will assist you in reaching that goal. A huge assortment of window cleaning equipment can be found on eBay, but there are a few things you need to know before selecting which ones to use in your next cleaning project.

What types of equipment is used to clean windows?

There are many tools and accessories that you can use to clean your windows. These tools can help to reach high-vaulted windows or remove water spots from the glass. These accessories include the following:

  • Window vacuums
  • Fixed cleaning poles
  • Telescoping cleaning poles
  • Squeegees
  • Window cleaning brushes
  • Hoses
  • Water tanks
  • Cleaner solution and concentrate
Who manufactures window cleaning equipment?

Many window cleaning accessories are produced by major brands, such as the following:

  • Karcher
  • Unger
  • Vax
  • Window Wizard
  • OXO
What is window cleaning solution?

Window cleaning solution is more than just standard soap. Many cleaning solutions are designed to clean the window without leaving behind any residue. They are designed to be effective on grease, grime, dirt, and oil. You can even clean your windowsills and frames with many of these types of products.

What is a washer wand?

The washer wand applies the cleaning solution to your window. There are three different versions of the washer wand. The porcupine design contains little plastic nubs to scrub off tough dirt. A scourer wand has a scouring strip on one side. The water-retention wand holds excess cleaning solution and reduces your trip back to the bucket. Washer wands have two types of handles as well. They can either be fixed or swivelled. The swivel wand is recommended if you plan to use it with a telescoping pole.

How do you use a squeegee?

A squeegee is used to remove water or cleaning solution from your windows. Water is sprayed on the surface to break up debris on the window. The squeegee draws the water off the glass and leaves behind a clean surface. Some squeegees even have a sponge that can apply a cleaning solution to the window. There are two squeegee techniques. The fan method uses a series of strokes to turn the water away from the tool’s edge. The second method uses straight strokes across the window’s surface. The squeegee is moved either horizontally or vertically to remove water from the glass.