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Postage Stamps

Whether you’re looking for a rare piece to add to your existing stamp collection or you’re starting a new collection, you’ll find just what you’re looking for with our franked and unfranked stamps. Find the rarest Edwardian and Victorian editions plus recent European and American pieces. Expand your selection with stamps from far off locations such as the British Colonies to Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Present your stamps and keep them in pristine condition with albums, mounts, hinges and protective envelopes.

Stamps of the Commonwealth

Queen Elizabeth is a very prominent figure on stamps that adorn letters. While some come from the UK, there are many overseas territories that also include the Queen’s head on their stamps. Explore the smaller lands of the monarch’s realm with releases from places such as Tristan de Cunha, Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands.

A postage stamp can also demonstrate the changing face of the nation states and how the British Empire has changed over the years. A stamp from places such as Hong Kong, Rhodesia and even India, are great pieces to add to your collection.

Pre-loved or Mint Condition

As well as postage stamps from every corner of the planet and across many different decades, you can choose to collect stamps with a postal mark or stamps in mint condition. Postage stamps in mint will look the same as they did when they left the printing press and can make valuable rare philately pieces for collectors.

Pre-used stamps bring with them a sense of reality of the story behind the stamps. Often, stamps will have a different postal mark from the type of stamp used and it’s fascinating to trace the patterns as they crisscross the globe. For some collectors this brings additional value to a stamp.

Value vs. Worth

A rare stamp can often reach incredibly high prices at eBay auctions. Such rare stamps are often worth a lot of money and can be seen as a good investment. However, passionate stamp collecting goes much deeper than treating stamps as valuable pieces of paper. Even a regular stamp can be priceless for the true collector.