Static Caravans Are Convenient for Holiday Stays

A static caravan allows you to have a home away from home. When you need to get away from the daily grind or would like to rent one out and make a bit of extra money, owning one of these caravans can help out nicely. You can find many types and sizes of affordable, used static caravans for sale at eBay that will fit your requirements.

Is there a difference between a static caravan and a touring caravan?

A touring caravan is a trailer type home that serves as a towable camper, mainly used for road trips and camping. A static caravan is meant to be moved only once to a semi-permanent location, such as a holiday or caravan park or to a private lot. They are meant to stay for an extended period of time at these locations.

Static caravans for sale will typically have central air, fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms and good insulation. While these caravans have features and amenities like a permanent home, they are not meant to be lived in permanently, but rather to be used as holiday homes.

The difference between a static caravan and mobile or park home

A park or mobile home is a permanent dwelling that is capable of being transported in one whole piece or two sections. Park homes are usually manufactured on one site and then transported to another site. Park homes are mobile homes that adhere to British Standard BS3632, and they are meant to be lived in as a permanent residence. Static caravans are built to EN1647, which is a lower standard of build. These caravans are meant to be primarily used for short-term stays and are usually placed in holiday parks.

Types of static caravans

There are two main types of used static caravans in the UK: single and twin units. Single units are the most common type of caravan. They are available in a variety of lengths but are usually around 10- to 12-feet wide. Twin-unit caravans are larger and are transported in two sections to their destination. When these sections arrive, they are fixed together. Twin-unit caravans are suitable for large families with small children.

Where can you park a static caravan?

You can place a static caravan on private land or a holiday park. Most people will rent these holiday caravans for short stays at a time.

Can you move a static caravan?

A static caravan for sale can be moved, but it is designed to be only moved when necessary to place in another location for an extended length of time.