Enjoy a Variety of Entertainment Options with a Stream Box

With the ability to stream media files in many different formats straight through your home network, a stream box allows you to enjoy your favourite media played directly through your TV. It also enables you to access the internet, increasing your entertainment options even more. With a variety of streaming boxes on eBay, there is sure to be one to meet your needs and budgetary requirements.What files does a stream box support?

Streaming boxes allow you to play files that can be found on your home network, including any PCs on that network or devices connected via USB. Boxes claim to be able to support many file types, although you will need to check that the model you choose can support any specific files that you need. Files that boxes are capable of supporting include:

  • MKV.
  • MPEG.
  • AVI.
  • MOV.
  • MP4.
Can a stream box connect to the internet?

Yes, most streaming boxes will connect to the internet via an Ethernet cable, although some will be capable of connecting to your supply via Wi-Fi, reducing the need for cables. By connecting your box to the internet, you can turn your TV into a smart TV, which gives you a range of benefits, including:

  • Streaming on-demand content from the major channels.
  • Streaming films and TV through your membership to a subscription service directly through your TV.
  • Playing games through your TV, using your remote as the controller.
  • Browsing the internet directly through your TV.
Can a stream box play content in high-definition?

Many boxes are capable of streaming contenting in high-definition (HD), although you will need to check the listing for the particular model that you are interested in. You will need an HD-Ready TV to support HD content as well. Some boxes are able to support files in 4K or Ultra HD format, although again you will need to have a TV that is able to support this.

Can you store files on a stream box?

Many streaming boxes will have some space for you to install your favourite apps or files so that you can enjoy a smooth viewing experience. Space will vary depending on the model that you opt for, so always check the listing.