Travel More With a Swift Challenger Caravan

Travelling more often is easy when you have your own caravan to stay in. You can find loads of Swift Challenger caravans for sale at the most reasonable prices on eBay.

Are these Challenger caravans new?

These are previously owned caravans in a variety of conditions. Some of them have been completely restored and updated inside and out, so they are like new again. Others might require a little TLC, which can make for a good project. This gives you many options to find a cheap Swift Challenger caravan. Most listings will provide information about any repairs or upgrades made to ageing parts to give you an idea of their overall conditions.

Types of Swift Challenger caravans

When you're looking for an inexpensive Swift Challenger caravan for sale, you'll find most are single-axle and have two to four berths. However, on occasion, you can find larger two-axle models for sale that have six berths. Most of these caravans were manufactured from the early 1990s through 2012, meaning they are still fairly young vehicles. Most can easily hook up to any hitch. A few of the models available include:

  • Swift Challenger 540 Touring
  • Swift Challenger 490
  • Swift Challenger 625 SR
  • Swift Challenger 520 SE
  • Swift Challenger 580
Features of Swift Challenger caravans

These caravans come with all you need to live comfortably on your travels. You will find full bathrooms, sinks, fridges/freezers, cooktops, designated sleeping quarters, 12V and 240V lighting, privacy blinds, central heating, air conditioning, mains hook-ups, and loads of storage space. Some models have even been outfitted with TV aerials, awnings, DVD/CD systems, and alarm systems. Most of the models offer exterior locking storage space and roof racks for additional cargo.

Choosing the Right Swift caravan

eBay makes it easy and convenient to find the right Swift Challenger caravan for you. First, it is important to set yourself a budget. Then, consider the vehicle you will be using to tow the caravan. For smaller vehicles, choose a lightweight caravan. For larger vehicles, you have a little more leeway with the size of your caravan. Finally, you should determine if you want to put any time or additional money into restoring your caravan. Since you can find older models at good prices, this can save you money in the end. Compare different caravans side by side in the comfort of your own home before ultimately choosing which one to purchase.