Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

After a busy day, nothing beats jumping into the swimming pool or hot tub and letting lifes stresses melt away. Whether you intend to use it for recreation or physical therapy, there are many benefits to installing a swimming pool or hot tub in your home. You can find a variety of designs from fun and quirky to convenient and affordable.

Choosing Your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub

Swimming pools and hot tubs come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The type you choose will depend on the available space in your garden or patio and should take into account whether it needs to accommodate just one to two people or large groups.

Whatever your needs, there are thousands of swimming pools and hot tubs to choose from. Round and square shapes are the most popular, while rectangles are good for those with narrow outdoor spaces. If youd prefer something a little different, hot tubs are also available in hexagon and octagon shapes. Choose from a wide range of wood cladding or plastic designs.

If you dont want to compromise on garden or patio space, it might be worth considering an inflatable version. Theyre easy to inflate, durable and can be decompressed and stored away whenever theyre not in use.

Inflatable swimming pools and hot tubs come in a range of sizes and colours and can provide a similar experience for a fraction of the cost of permanent options. Theyre ideal for special occasions and parties or for temporary use during the summer months.

Parts and Equipment

In addition to swimming pools and hot tubs, youll also find a wide range of replacement parts and cleaning equipment. Choose from water purifying filters and cartridges to chlorine tablets, nets and vacuums. Hot tub and pool covers are also available.