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Beat the Heat With Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are always fun to have, and if you have a heated pool, you can even enjoy it when the weather is cool. Pools for sale come in different categories, shapes, sizes, and water types. Depending on the swimming pools for sale, you can find the perfect new or pre-owned pool for your needs on eBay.

The types of swimming pools

When you are searching for pools for sale in the UK, you first need to decide on what type of pool suits your needs. Do you want a large, mid-size, or a small swimming pool for sale? Do you want an expensive one, or will cheap swimming pools do as well? Although pools can come in many styles, there are really three main types of pools:

  • In-ground pools: In-ground pools are placed in the ground and are typically level with the ground surface. These are often the most expensive pools. They can be designed in any shape or size. They are rigid in construction.
  • Above-ground pools: Above-ground pools are rigid pools that are fairly large. They are placed on top of the ground, and they have a ladder that you can use to climb into and out of the pool. Some people add a deck around the pool for easier access.
  • Inflatable swimming pools: These inflatable pools have soft, non-rigid sides. They range in dimensions from mid-size family pools to small, children's pools. They are also above the ground.
From what materials are in-ground swimming pools constructed?

In-ground pools can come in several types of materials. There are three main types of in-ground pool construction:

  • Vinyl liner: Vinyl liner pools are the least expensive in-ground pools. They are customisable, and the liners can be many different colours. They are easy to maintain but are not as durable as cement or fibreglass. Vinyl liners will need to be replaced every five to 10 years.
  • Cement: Pools made with cement are tough and very durable. They may be harder to clean because of their porous and rough nature, but they are completely customisable.
  • Fibreglass: Fibreglass pools are durable and easy to maintain and clean. They are less expensive than cement but more expensive than a vinyl liner. They are constructed off-site and are transported to your location.
Water types for pools

Pools can have either saltwater or traditionally chlorinated water. A saltwater pool uses an electrolyser to convert the pool salt into chlorine. Saltwater pools are healthier and easier to use, but ongoing maintenance can be more complex if the pH level needs tweaking. Salt is also corrosive. Chlorinated pools require more time monitoring chlorine levels. They also need more chemicals, which will cost more over time.