TV & Home Audio Remote Controls

Streamline Your Audio-visual Experience with a Universal Remote Control

Universal remote controls are able to control a whole range of audio-visual equipment by imitating the signals sent by the device’s original remote. Whether you have lost your original remote and are seeking a replacement, or want to simplify by using a single remote to control everything in your house, a universal remote control could be the answer to your prayers. eBay has a huge selection of universal remotes, with new and used models available in all price brackets.

Which devices will a universal remote control work with?

For specific device information, its always worth checking the manufacturers information to ensure that your device will be compatible. Generally, a universal remote will be able to control:

  • TVs.
  • Set-top boxes, including cable, satellite, and Freeview.
  • DVD and Blu-Ray players.
  • Home cinema systems.
  • Hi-fi Systems.
What types of universal remote controls are available?

Despite the many different makes and models of universal remote control available, most will fall into one of the following three categories:

  • Pre-Programmed remotes: These have been programmed at the factory to work with specific major brands and devices. Compatible devices will be listed on the item packaging, and the remote should work with a compatible device straight out of the box. Pre-programmed remotes are a convenient and user-friendly option, but can be limited in the number of different devices they will control.
  • Universal remotes: These require programming, but will generally control almost any electrical kit and come with a booklet full of codes that all correspond to different devices. To pair these remotes, you will need to follow the directions in the booklet to put the remote into programming mode, and then look up and enter the relevant code for the device that you wish to control.
  • Learning remotes: These remotes can learn and copy functions from an existing remote control. A working existing remote is required for this function, and each universal remote control may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturers instructions.
What other features are available?

Varying according to make and model, some of the more useful features to look out for in a universal remote control include:

  • Shockproofing, to protect the remote from knocks and drops.
  • Backlit buttons, making operation easier in a darkened room.
  • Accessibility features such as talking remotes, large buttons, and simplified operation.