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A Guide to Replacing a TV Remote Control

As every TV watcher knows, a TV remote control offers so much convenience that it has become indispensable. Whether you're looking to replace a remote control that has been lost or damaged, or if you're looking for one that offers better performance, you'll find no shortage of options available as eBay has a terrific selection of remote controls to choose from.

How can you ensure a new remote will be compatible with a TV?

If you're simply replacing your original remote with the same model, then you'll just need to know the model number. If you no longer have the original remote that came supplied with your TV, you should be able to find the model number in your TV's user manual. If you're going for a different remote control, then eBay sellers are a good source of information. They will usually publish a list of TV models that are compatible with the remote controls they're selling.

What are the main types of TV remote controls?

There are two different types of TV remote controls that you can consider:

  • Standard Remote Control: This type of remote control lets you control only a TV. It won't let you control other devices connected to your TV, such as a DVD player.
  • Universal Remote Control: Universal remote controls let you control the TV as well as other devices connected to your TV and home entertainment centre. These remotes tend to be compatible with a larger range of different devices and brands.
Does the size matter?

The size of a remote control is important. If it's too large, it can be less comfortable to hold. If it's too small, it will be more difficult to operate, especially if you suffer from a condition that limits finger dexterity, such as arthritis. Decide what size is best for you, and keep it in mind while checking out the different models available.

Why should you replace a working remote control?

Your existing remote control may lose some of its functionality at such a gradual pace over time, you might barely even notice. Buttons may become less responsive, the infra-red beam may become less effective, or the battery compartment may become loose and fail to securely hold the batteries. Replacing your TV's remote control with a new model can bring back the convenience and level of TV-watching that you used to enjoy.

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