TV Satellite Dishes

TV Satellite Dishes

TV satellite dishes are available in many sizes and with varying technical specs such as standalone satellite dishes, portable varieties, satellite dishes with mounting gear and mounted dish options. All products can be purchased from leading reputable brands such as Satgear, Selfsat and Maxview.

TV satellite dishes are typically purchased in varying sizes depending on your requirements which, once hooked up, will then connect to your digital TV service supplier to whom you pay a monthly fee. In addition, there are a variety of free to air channels available on dishes.

Satellite kits

Some TV satellite dishes also come in purpose built kits comprising satellite dish, digital TV receiver and LNB (Low Noise Block) downconverter which collects radio waves from the dish, converting them to a signal which travels through a cable to the receiver in your home.

TV satellite dishes with motors will rotate and pick up different satellite signals whereas stationery TV satellite dishes must be directly aligned with a satellite in order to receive a signal.

Portable TV satellite dishes

Compact and lightweight portable TV satellite dishes allow users to set up their satellite TV almost anywhere, particularly useful if you want to tune into your usual satellite TV channels while camping or in your caravan or motorhome. Many portable TV satellite dishes have convenient features such as easy read LCD controllers with USB input and integrated GPS modules to automatically realign at a new location.

Zone capability

The size of TV satellite dishes will determine the number of channels a system can receive. TV satellite dishes are graded in different zones as a guide to users what size dish may be required. Zone 1 dishes are suitable for those areas with heavy satellite coverage and are a smaller 45cm in diameter as less surface area is needed to pick up the strong signal. Zone 2 dishes are larger (typically 60cm diameter) and therefore highly effective at picking up signals in weaker areas.