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Common Questions Asked About Satellite TV Signal Strength Meters

Working to resolve problems with satellite TV reception often requires an instrument to measure the strength of the signal from the satellite in order to position a receiver properly. There are a variety of satellite TV signal strength meters on eBay that can do the job.

How is a satellite signal meter used?

The exact procedure to follow might vary from the general steps outlined below, so check your meters user manual for instructions, too.

  • Step one: Connect the meter to the satellite dishs low noise block (LNB) downconverter with a coaxial cable. Usually, the LNB is an arm that faces the dish. This connection lets you see the signal strength that the dish is picking up as you move it.
  • Step two: Loosen the fasteners holding the satellite dish in place. It should be both horizontally and vertically adjustable.
  • Step three: Move the dish from side to side until you find the strongest signal displayed on your meter. Once youve found the best position horizontally, tighten the dishs fasteners to lock it into place.
  • Step four: Move the dish up and down until you find the best signal reception possible. You may need to make fine adjustments to get the strongest signal vertically. Tighten the fasteners to lock the position into place.
  • Step five: Disconnect the meter and reconnect the coaxial cable to your house.
What types of satellite signal meters are available?

Satellite signal meters are a standardized type of electronic instrument, but they do come with features that distinguish one model from the next.

  • Analogue meters: These meters typically indicate signal strength with a needle or dial that points to a strength scale.
  • Digital meters: These meters usually have LED or LCD indicators that measure the signal strength with numbers.
  • LCD screen meters: More advanced meters can display a video feed thats being received from the satellite, which allows you to make fine-tuned adjustments to eliminate noise.
What is a satellite TV signal meter?

A satellite signal strength meter is an electronic device designed to measure the signal received by a satellite TV receiver dish. They are sometimes called satellite signal finders because their main use is to position a satellite TV dish for the best reception possible by aiming it in the direction of the satellite. The meters work by connecting to your satellite signal receiver and displaying a measure of the signal that its picking up. Some signal meters will display a video image of the TV signal being received.