Table Linen Sets

Many families have dining tables which are made of highly polished wood such as mahogany, oak and pine. These tables need to be protected from spills and accidents, making table linen sets the perfect pieces to cover them at meal times.

Table linen sets come in a variety of different materials, patterns and colours and your choice will be dictated by the type of table you have and your personal preferences. Tablecloths are usually either square or round, but if you are fortunate enough to own a long Victorian mahogany dining table with removable leaves in the centre you will need a long tablecloth to cover it when entertaining guests.

If your table is round, then a round tablecloth will look best, but a square one can also work well on tables with drop down leaves at each side. If just two of you are dining you can have the leaves down, only raising them when more people are eating. The main consideration is to have a tablecloth large enough to cover the whole surface when the leaves are raised.

Choice Of Materials

There is a wide choice of different materials available when choosing table linen sets. A traditional woven lace design can look great if you have antique furniture, while if your home has modern furniture you might prefer something in cotton, linen or even rayon. Of course, cotton or linen will offer more protection for your table than woven lace.

As for colours and designs, tablecloths and napkins can be self-coloured in any number of different colours, but very many have a pattern of one sort or another. It really is a matter of personal preference and finding something that goes with the rest of your dining room décor.

One time of the year when you might wish to do things differently is Christmas. Choose a special design for your Christmas table linen set to add an extra sparkle to the festivities on December 25th.