Table Runners

Add an extra touch of style to your table with table runners. Whether you are looking for a table runner for a special occasion or just want to add some colour to your dining room table , there are a wide selection of table runners available to choose from.

A table runner is a narrow strip of fabric that runs lengthways along the centre of a table. Table runners can be used on various types of tables from dining tables to console tables . They are primarily used for decoration, but they can also provide additional protection from stains and scratches.

Table runners are available in a range of different lengths and widths to suit any size of table. They are also available in many different styles from basic coloured strips to highly detailed embroidered patterns and motifs. Highly decorated table runners can be a great conversation piece at any dinner party or gathering. No matter what colour scheme you have in mind, there will be a table runner to ensure that you can dress your table accordingly.

Choose from a selection for different fabrics from soft cottons and silks to more rustic fabrics such as hessian. The vast choice of fabrics makes it easy to find a suitable table runner to match your style. Hard wearing hessian or heavy cotton table runners are great at offering increased protection from scratches, whereas silk or fine embroidered table runners can add style and elegance to your table.

There are many table runners that are created for special events or occasions. Christmas table runners provide a great way to add festive cheer to your Christmas meal and they come in a range of Christmas inspired designs to suit all tastes. Table runners are also available to be used at other events such as birthdays, Easter or Halloween. Although these table runners have limited use throughout the year, they provide a great way to dress your table for special occasions.

Matching accessories such as placemats and napkins are also available to accompany many table runners. This provides you with a great opportunity to dress your table in a matching style.

Table runners are easy to care for and can be cleaned with general household products. This makes it easy to keep you table runners looking clean and fresh.

Whether you are looking for a protective everyday table runner for around the home or a fancy table runner for a dinner party or special occasion, there are many options available. Table runners come at a range of price points to please any budget.