Table Top Historical Wargames

Table top historical wargames are tactical, turn-based strategy games which simulate real-life battle scenarios from significant periods in history. An exciting and immersive hobby for many historical enthusiasts, the main elements of gameplay feature miniature figures, vehicles and associated modelled terrain to represent different warring factions.

The first types of table top historical wargames were invented in Prussia at the start of the 19th Century when a lieutenant called Von Reisswitz developed and modified a game system created by his father, Translated as 'kriegspiel' in German, such wargames became popular as a training exercise among German soldiers.

Today, table top historical wargames are available from leading brands such as Bolt Action, Flames of War and Perry Miniatures and are available in new or second hand condition.

Historical battles

Table top historical wargames are available as depictions of many battles from different eras from ancient and medieval wars through to the Napoleonic war, World War II, The American Civil war and the English Civil wars.

Weapons of choice

Choose a period that you know well, such as one of your favourite battles, to base your game on. Or go for an era that you know little about and expand your knowledge through the game.

Different battle eras will offer different watershed moments in military history, such as the rise of the cavalry in ancient warfare moving on intothe medieval period, the introduction of gunpowder weapons of the 16th and 17th centuries and the rise of the light infantry and artillery such as muskets and pikes during the Napoleonic war.

The model miniatures used in historical wargaming can vary greatly in size and are available in 6mm (standard size), 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm collections. They are commonly found made from metal or plastic and are usually unpainted so that players can decorate in the colours of the units or battalions that they intend to depict.