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Enjoy Gaming with an AV to HDMI Adapter

To use your VCR or camcorder with an HDMI monitor, you can use an AV to HDMI adapter. With a quality HDMI converter and cable, you can enjoy crisp and clear graphics while playing your favourite games. Compact HDMI adapters can also be used to view your favourite programmes and movies on your TV. There are many affordable AV to HDMI adaptor units available on eBay, so you can easily find one for your TV and gaming system.

Can you use AV adaptors with legacy gaming consoles?

Yes, you can. An AV to HDMI cable adaptor can be used with older consoles which feature standard audiovisual composite connectors. AV inputs are comprised of yellow, red, and white inputs that you can plug your HDMI adaptor cable into. To view the output on your HDTV screen, simply plug the HDMI-end of your adaptor cable into your TV. Connecting media devices to your television with an AV to HDMI adapter can provide you with quality images and great audio.

Are AV to HDMI adapters compatible with PAL?

Most AV to HDMI adapters are PAL compatible, which means you can connect camcorders, VCRs, and other A/V devices without encountering any problems. The adaptors are designed to convert AV and RCA signals into 1080p HD-quality signals. When connecting your two devices, you should ensure that both devices support the same version of HDMI. Some adapters come with HDMI switch-push buttons, which allows you to choose an output of either 1080p or 720p. In addition, HDMI adaptors are compatible with the following:

  • NTSC 3.58 and NTSC 4.43 TV formats.
  • SECAM inputs.
  • PAL/M and PAL/N standard inputs.
Does an AV to HDMI adapter support black/white level expansion?

Yes, they do. AV to HDMI adapters not only support black/white level expansion, but they also support dynamic range expansion. Once you connect your video game console to an adapter, you can enjoy images with improved colour transitions. Most consoles support HDMI 1.2 cables. Since all versions of HDMI are designed to be backwards compatible, you shouldn't have any compatibility issues when using them with gaming consoles that feature differing HDMI requirements.

Can AV to HDMI adapters be used with all HDMI cables?

An AV to HDMI adapter is compatible with all high-speed HDMI cables. Adapters can automatically detect and convert AV composite signals into a 60-Hz output in order to produce HD images.

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