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Stay connected with a tablet, a smart device that acts as a handheld computer. Search by brand, including Apple, Samsung and Amazon, or by screen size, with tablets with screens measuring up to 12.9” available. Find Apple iPads, Android tablets, Amazon kindles and much more besides. Youre sure to find the ideal device to suit your needs, whether you want to take notes in lectures, watch movies in bed or catch up on your social media.

Storage Capacity

In the same way that mobile phones and laptops store data, tablet storage is measured in gigabytes (GB). The more gigabytes, the more content you can store on your technology. If you dont need much space and usually store photos and movies using Cloud, 16GB should be sufficient. Want to watch movies without Wi-Fi? Go for tablets with 32GB and above.

Screen Quality

Pixels per inch (ppi) is whats used to measure tablet screen quality. With so many screen shapes and sizes on the market, ppi gives you a universal number to make it super easy to compare the clarity and sharpness of screens between different sized tablets. The more pixels a screen has, the clearer and sharper the picture quality.


The higher the processor, the smoother and faster the performance of your tablet. If its every-day browsing you want, dual-core processors are perfect. If youre an avid gamer or want to use your tablet for creative purposes, you might want to opt for quad or octa-core processors. Some even boast full-size laptop processors, making media editing and graphic design on the move are a piece of cake.


Many tablets feature built-in Wi-Fi, meaning you have online browsing power at your fingertips whether youre in the office, coffee shop or relaxing at home. Like smartphones, 3/4G tablets enable you to browse the web in the same way. Theyre brilliant for streaming movies when youre on a long train ride, working away from the office and much more.

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