Take care of your very own Tamagotchi

Fun, cool and offering a sense of nostalgia, Bandai manufactured the pioneering Tamagotchi toy way back in the mid-1990s. Cute and collectible, these tiny handheld pets were in the form of virtual eggs attached to a keychain that you had to hatch and look after into adulthood by giving them food and attention. So if you fancy a trip down memory lane, why not browse the great range of toys in one place on eBay. 

Virtual Tamagotchis

A brand new take on the trusty originals, these quality Tamagotchi toys are great for both adults and children alike. You can choose from a fantastic range of 168 pets in pink, red, black or blue. Each adorable character comes attached to a small keychain so you can clip your Tamagotchi to your pocket, belt or bag so it's always with you. Each pack comes with a plastic Tamagotchi and 2 x AG13 batteries included and the Tamagotchi itself is controlled using an iOS or Android app. 

Retro Tamagotchis

An amazing gift idea for anyone who's old enough to remember them, original electronic Tamagotchis are a real blast from the past. Available in pink, blue or orange, they make for a great stocking filler too. Only 5.5cm big, each retro Tamagotchi comes packed with 49 fun games to play with your new pet which will keep the kids quiet for hours. Complete with built-in batteries as well as a strap so you don't lose it, a retro Tamagotchi is guaranteed to make you smile. 

Tamagotchi 20 Year Revival

In 2018, the makers of the original Tamagotchis created a brand new series of these awesome little digital pets to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first release. Even smaller than the original Tamagotchis at a teeny 4.3cm, you'll still need to feed it, clean up after it and make sure it's entertained, just like a real pet. Each Tamagotchi comes with a preloaded CR2032 battery and attaches to your bag, belt or pocket with a handy keychain. Choose an unbranded Tamagotchi for a modern take on the classic toy.