Everything You Need to Know About Buying Timber Pallets

Timber pallets are usually made of hardwood, which makes them useful for packaging consumer goods and construction materials and shipping those materials by lorry, ship, or train. The vintage timber pallets are often sought after for their character and can be reclaimed for a wide variety of projects. On eBay, you can choose from different colours, brands, sizes, types, and features of wooden pallets for sale at reasonable prices.

Which types of materials are wooden pallets made from?

The short, standard, and long wooden pallets are made of materials including:

  • Softwood: These single-use wooden pallets may be made of pine or spruce.
  • Deciduous trees: The wood pallet could be made of oak, maple, or beech.
  • Conifers: The wooden pallets could be made from blue spruce, hemlock, or cedar.
  • MDF: This type of wood is pressed from the leftovers of making long timber boards.
Some features of inexpensive pallets for sale

The features of the gently used or new wooden pallets include planing, which increases friction so goods on the pallets do not slide or slip. Another feature is unnotched stringers, which increase the strength of the wooden pallet. Treated timber increases the pallet's resistance to moisture, mould, wet and dry rot, and insect damage. Wood pallets are typically colour coded to indicate the type and amount of load they can bear.

Which types of a gently used wooden pallet are available?

The available types of new or preowned pallets include:

  • Stringer: This is the standard, basic wooden pallet with three or more parallel pieces of timber. Deck boards attach to the top.
  • Block: This type has parallel and perpendicular stringers.
  • Carrier block: This is specialised for transporting large pieces of timber.
  • Flush: The deck boards are flush with the stringer boards.
  • Perimeter base: The base boards are built in two directions.
How to choose the right wooden pallets for you

When you're shopping for a reasonably priced wooden pallet, consider its:

  • Condition: Choose a new or used intact wooden pallet.
  • Style: Choose new or reclaimed pallet wood or a built pallet.
  • Colour: The options include tan, brown, white, beige, black, and blue wooden pallets for sale.
  • Joint type: The options are basic butt, mitred butt, half-lap tongue and groove, mortise and tenon, biscuit, pocket, and dado.
  • Size: There are four standardized European sizes measuring 800 to 1,200 millimetres wide by 600 to 1,200 millimetres long by 144 to 145 millimetres thick. See the manufacturer site for details.