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How to Choose a PC Tower That’s Uniquely Suited to Your Needs

Cheap computer towers can support gaming systems and video streaming on large monitors, as well as offering potent audio technology. If you’re in the market for cheap PC towers that double as home entertainment systems, a desktop will bring you flexibility and the capacity to update your hardware with the passage of time.

What should gamers consider when buying a PC tower?

Strong gaming capabilities are supported by your CPU, graphics card, and a generous amount of RAM. As games become more demanding, these three pieces of hardware can be upgraded. To help you make your choice, consider the following:

  • You need a minimum of 8GB of RAM along with the best GPU you can afford.
  • Many games need plenty of CPU muscle, so aim for a Core i7 processor.
  • If you need a PC tower, several suppliers stock Nvidia and Intel hardware that supports a VR headset.
  • If you buy a PC tower only, your monitor can be upgraded on a whim as new games are released.
What features should you look for in a cheap desktop computer tower?

If you need a cheap PC tower, Windows 7 is a sturdy and budget-friendly operating system. Alternatively, second-hand PC towers can bring you high-end hardware and Windows 10 for the price of a new Windows 7-compatible PC. The latter will be supported until 2020, so it’s a more rational choice than Windows 7 if you’re buying first-hand. You’ll be able to update your drivers more easily, so hardware upgrades wont pilfer away precious hours.

Which computer towers are best for your workstation?

If your tower is intended for administrative tasks, your operating system will determine how advanced your other software choices can become. Windows 10 features the useful Cortana virtual assistant, along with cloud clipboards and collaborative software. Updates make your tower compatible with your phone, too, letting you access your files while you travel. Your office PC doesn’t demand the latest graphics card, but a Core i5 CPU will provide the speed you need to work unhindered. A generous amount of RAM will support multitasking without lagging.

Does the size of your tower matter?

The larger your PC tower, the more space you have to grow, so spending a little more on a full-sized design will serve you well. If you’re looking for a computer tower, there are various available options with an excellent price-to-performance ratio. Mini and stick PCs are useful accessories that are compact and compatible with PC towers and home entertainment systems, but make sure to see the manufacturer site for details.

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