Toy Soldiers

Toy soldiers are available in an extensive range of scale models and are often popular collectables for military enthusiasts and war gamers. These items can be purchased as military and non-military figures together with an array of accompanying vehicles, accessories, horses, scenery and castles/buildings.

Today, toy soldiers are manufactured by long established brands such as Britains, Del Prado and King and Country and are available in new and used conditions.

Choosing materials

There are many different materials that have been used to make toy soldiers including plastic and metal in painted or unpainted options. Today, many figures are produced cast in soft plastic. However, hard plastic figures are also available and often have the rigidity to allow the collector to glue together models in desired poses. The earliest vintage toy soldiers were cast out of lead. Such models are usually more expensive and fragile, making them more suited for display purposes only.

When deciding exactly which toy soldiers to buy there are various factors to consider including scale, materials and the historical eras of the collections you are looking for.


Toy soldiers can be purchased in a variety of scales, with 1:32 being one of the most popular sizes. The 1:72 & HO/OO scale is particularly popular with war-gamers as the smaller size allows for more figures to be set up in a limited space.

Toy soldiers can be bought as single figures as well as in lots of up to 201 and more. Such items make a great introduction to collecting for the novice collector, enabling them to build up their sets quickly.

Military eras

Toy soldiers can represent almost every era of military history and figures and accessories are designed to date from periods as early as pre 1500 to 1945 to present day. Many ranges of toy soldiers will also be designed according to nationality with British, German, French, Spanish and American troops being widely available.