How to Choose a Classic Toyota to Add to Your Collection

Toyota has been a dedicated carmaker since 1937. This company is known for making practical, reliable vehicles. If you want a vintage car from this maker, then you should check the classic Toyota for sale listings on eBay.

Choose a model

Available classic Toyota models include:

  • Toyota Celica Mk1
  • Toyota Corolla Mk1
  • Toyota FJ40
  • Toyota Cressida

The Toyota Celica was in production from 1970 to 2006. It was manufactured across seven generations. The Toyota Corolla is currently in production and was launched in 1966. It has 12 generations.

The Toyota FJ40 is a series of Land Cruisers made from 1960 to 1984. The original design for this 4x4 utility vehicle came from the Japanese WWII-era Jeep. The Toyota Cressida was a midsize vehicle that was in production from 1976 to 1992. Four generations were developed for this vehicle.

What body style should you choose?

The body style refers to the model and shape of a vehicle. If you are looking at Toyota FJ40 for sale UK listings, then the body style may be called a two-door SUV. The body styles for the Cressida are the four-door sedan and the hardtop four-door sedan. The Toyota Corolla comes in a variety of body styles including hatchback, station wagon, and sedan. If you wanted a Cressida hardtop sedan, for example, you would choose search the Toyota Cressida for sale UK listings for a match.

Choose a trim level

Trim level refers to the features of your vehicle, starting with the base model. When you go up enough trim levels, the car can become fully loaded. Examples of trim levels are touring, grand touring, LX, and EX.

The trim levels for the 1992 Corolla are standard, deluxe, LE, and Deluxe All-Trac. The deluxe trim is available in a four-door sedan and a five-door station wagon. You get the standard trim with the standard four-door sedan. The LE trim comes on a four-door sedan with four-speed automatic. On the other hand, the Deluxe All-Trac is a five-door station wagon with a five-speed manual.

If you are not sure about the trim, then you should look at classic Toyota Corolla for sale listings or see the manufacturer site for details.

Choose a fuel type Many older vehicles were developed to run on leaded petrol with high octane content. This fuel is no longer available for environmental reasons, so you need to look for alternatives. These fuel alternatives may include:
  • Euro 95
  • E10 gasoline
  • Super 98