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Tripod Stabilisers For Cameras

The stability of the camera is often what makes or breaks a perfect photo. Despite having all the right equipment, lenses and quality camera, a shaky hand or a jolt during the shot can ruin the whole photo. Because of this, tripod stabilisers for cameras are one of the most important accessories you can have. This accessory is useful for photographers of all skill levels. If you are a professional you will need this accessory to guarantee consistency in your shots. If you're an amautuer, a tripod stabiliser will help you improve and perfect your imagery.

There is a wide variety of tripod stabilisers available and the best fit depends on personal preference and photography style. For outdoor, wildlife and landscape photographers, a small portable stabiliser will be the most efficient. For portrait, real life and stationary photographers a larger sturdier frame may be better suited.

Types of tripod stabilisers

Small portable stabilisers can either be handheld or shoulder rested. There may be other options available however these are the most common choices.

A good example of a top of the range handheld camera stabiliser is the Pro handheld stabiliser Video Steadicam which is made for Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras and camcorders . It is made from aluminium alloy giving solid and durable build-quality and reduces camera vibration when shooting, resulting in high quality clear videos. It has adjustable screw holes for both horizontal and vertical movement and a rubberised non-slip mounting surface to ensure the camera is stable. It has a rubber-covered hand grip and three separate counter-weights for precise adjustment.

Another option is the DSLR Handy Rig shoulder mount steady support stabiliser kit for DV video cameras. This has twin handles for steadier shooting and all the handgrips and joints can be rotated and adjusted. The handgrips have non-slip padding. It folds down into a very compact size for easy transportation.

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