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Enjoy Entertainment on the Go with a Truck TV

Ideal for use on during breaks in lengthy journeys, TVs for trucks are built to withstand the constant movement and reduced stability in larger vehicles. It's possible to receive cable channels and streaming services with a standard truck TV, including a varying range of local channels. eBay offers a healthy selection of truck TVs that can also be used in motorhomes.

Can you get local channels on your truck TV?

Even over long distances, it should be possible to receive local channels. It is, however, necessary to get an antenna for your truck TV and to position this in a certain way to gain the optimal reception. Look for antennae specifically designed for use in RVs and trucks, and check FCC maps to get information about correct antenna positioning for particular areas.

Why should you get a TV-DVD combo for your truck?

Truck TV units come with many features, though the TV DVD combo is a popular choice for truckers because it expands viewing experiences. A TV with an inbuilt DVD player allows you to watch movies and recorded TV shows. The advantage of a TV DVD combined unit is its compact design, which prevents it from taking up unnecessary space in the semi truck.

Which mounting options work with a truck TV?

When setting up a TV in a semi truck, it's important to consider the reception. The right mounting solution will ensure that your TV will receive a strong signal even when on the move. The suitability of a mounting system will depend on the space available, the size of the TV. Here are common options, though remember that each model may have a slightly different assembly procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions;

  • Wall Bracket: This is suitable for a setting up the truck TV against the side of the vehicle. A bracket allows you to adjust the TV to receive a better signal when on the move. Brackets maximise on minimal space.
  • Stand: If your semi truck has space to spare in the cab or sleeping compartment, the TV can be kept on a stand. Stands are ideal for protecting delicate displays such as HD LED TVs.
  • Straps: For a truck that ventures into tough terrains where the TV will be subject to movement and shaking, using straps to hold it steady is safer than using a stand or bracket.