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Charge Your Phone With Ease Using a USB Panel Mount

When you are riding in a vehicle, it is not always easy to sit where you have a USB panel in reach so that you can charge your phone easily, especially if you are sitting in the back. Plus, some older models may not even have a USB panel mount option at all, so instead of using an adapter, you can install a USB mounting plate on the dash of your car or another solid surface in the vehicle. There are several different types of reasonably priced USB panel mounts for a car on eBay, and you can even get a micro USB panel mount extension so that you can charge your devices from anywhere in the car.

What type of mountable USB ports are available?

Most panel mount USB ports are available in several different configurations. That's because different types of phones and devices utilise different panel mount USB connectors. To make sure that your panel mount USB hub has all the connections that you need, it is a good idea to purchase a device that has more than one option. Some of the configurations available include:

  • Panel mount USB A
  • Panel mount USB B
  • Panel mount USB C
  • A micro USB panel mount
  • A dual USB panel mount
How long is a typical USB panel mount cable?

Most USB panel mount sockets have cables that vary in length, so it's possible to choose the length that you need for your vehicle. If you don't need a lot of leeway when it comes to the length of the cord, you can consider a mini USB panel mount that is only about 10 inches long, but if you need more reach, there are options available up to 15 feet in length. Typically, 15 feet is quite extensive in a car, but if you are getting the panel mount for a desktop computer, you can even place the computer behind a wall without losing accessibility. See the manufacturer site for details.

What is a USB panel mount with pass-through?

When a USB panel mount has pass-through, it means that you can connect a device to each end of the panel mount USB receptacle, and the devices communicate with each other. This type of panel mount can also connect to a computer, and pass-through allows you to connect your phone and a printer to the device so that you can print information easily from your phone.

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