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USB cables for Nokia mobile phones

Nokia's first commercial mobile phone was launched in 1992 and has gone on to manufacture some of the world's best selling mobile phones. The chances are, anyone who has owned a mobile phone has owned a Nokia and the good news is, whether it's to revive an old Nokia found in a drawer or to keep a current one charged and working, there is a wide range of USB cables available.

Range of sizes

Before the onset of the Micro USB as an industry standard, Nokia phones had proprietary connectors, including the old 3.5mm big pin connector and the later 2mm small pin connector. Big pin and small pin to USB cables are abundantly available.

Adapter cables

Have an old big pin cable charger and want to use it with a small pin phone? These simple big pin to small pin adaptor cables will cover this need precisely.

Data cables

Some old Nokia mobile phones had dedicated data cable sockets. Cables for these sockets are available and, with software available from the Nokia website, allow files and data to be shared between a phone and a laptop or PC.

Micro USB cables

Micro USB to USB cables are now the standard for recent and current Nokia smartphones . They are available in a range of lengths and enable data to be shared between phone and PC or laptop whilst charging. They also connect to wall adapters and Nokia car chargers for fast and convenient battery life.

Braided or flat

As well as regular cables there are braided and flat cables. Braided cables add extra durability whilst flat cables are less prone to tangling. Both braided and flat cables are manufactured in a range of colours, aside from usual the black and white of regular cables, and provide an aesthetic twist.

'On The Go'

Known as 'On The Go', these adapter cables enable USB devices like memory sticks, mice or keyboards to be connected to the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet and selected Nokia mobile phones. Check compatibility online or in the phone's manual.

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