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USB Cables For iPhone 5

The launch of the Apple iPhone 5 in 2012 saw Apple change the design and technology in the charging cable for the first time since the iPod was first released. The new USB cables for iPhone 5 are known as Lightning connectors because they increased the transfer speed of data.

iPhone 5 charging cables are available in different lengths and materials from many manufacturers. The genuine Apple USB cables for iPhone 5 are one of only a few manufacturers' cables recommended by Apple for use with the smartphone.

Apple charging cable for iPhone 5

The standard USB 2.0 cable that is made by Apple and included in the box with a new iPhone 5, connects your smartphone via Lightning connector to your computer's USB port for syncing and charging.

You can also use it to connect your phone to the Apple or other brand's USB power adapter for charging from a wall power socket. The standard iPhone 5 cable is 1 metre long.

Belkin iPhone 5 charging cable

Other cables and adapters for iPhone 5 include the Belkin Mixit DuraTek Lightning to USB Cable.

Belkin USB cables for iPhone 5 are 1.2 metre long Lightning to USB cables which are designed to be robust. These cables are finished in a highly polished, strong aluminium coating and built with durable materials including DuPont Kevlar and Dacron, to provide improved strain relief. This iPhone 5 compatible cable is available in four colours, black, pink, gold and silver.

Kit iPhone 5 charging cables

Most iPhone 5 charging cables are white, but you can also buy other colours. Kit make flat iPhone Lightning connectors in a range of metallic colours, including pink and gold. The company claim their cables transfer data and charge phones at speeds that are up to 7% faster than standard Apple charging cables.

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