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USB Flash Drives

Despite the advent of cloud computing, many people still feel more secure backing up and transferring their data using USB flash drives. These simple memory sticks plug into the USB port of a computer or other device and allow data to be downloaded or uploaded quickly and easily.

USB flash drives have come down in price in recent years while growing enormously in capacity, letting you store all of your important data in one place.

USB Flash Drive Size and Systems

Today's USB flash drives range from 4GB to as much as 512GB or larger, yet many are smaller in size and lower in price than their predecessors. The USB connection system has also advanced over the years, changing from USB to USB2 to the current USB3 and USB3.1. It is important to make sure that the memory stick you buy is compatible with the computers you intend to use it with since older machines might not recognise newer drives.

Convenient USB Flash Drives

Flash drives generally come with a small hole for attaching to a keyring, and measure about 3 or 4cm long, however they can be much smaller than this. Again you need to consider how and when you will use your drive and whether a smaller drive is more likely to get lost.

Novelty USB Flash Drives

The compact nature of modern USB drives means they can be incorporated into almost anything, and novelty USB flash drives are available in all shapes and sizes, from Lego bricks to gold bricks and guitars to chocolate bars.

Secret USB Flash Drives

If security is important to you, look for a USB flash drive that is disguised as something else. Examples include necklaces and other jewellery, credits cards and wristbands. With this type of drive, no one will ever know what you have hidden.

If security is crucial and your data is highly secret or sensitive, then you should consider an encrypted USB drive, such as the Kingston Ironkey or the Kanguru Defender. These drives are much more expensive but they virtually guarantee that your data will not fall into the wrong hands.

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