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Transfer Data Without Limitations Using a FireWire to USB Cable

FireWire and USB are two common ways to transfer data on computers via a physical wired connection. Despite their similarities, the two are still different devices, a fact that makes interface between the two devices set up exclusively for one type of connection a difficult task. Bypass that issue entirely with a FireWire to USB connection cable and gain communication between two different devices that would otherwise be impossible given their conflicting connections.

Which devices could be used with FireWire to USB cables?

More devices are compatible with USB than FireWire, making it somewhat uncommon for technology to feature ports for both at the same time. A FireWire to USB adapter circumvents this problem by giving you a pathway between the two, opening up several new possibilities for working with technology. A few potential uses for this cable are described here:

  • Scientific calculators: Many scientific calculators do not feature a USB port but do come with FireWire connectivity. If your computer only has USB ports, you could use an adapter to connect your calculator to it.
  • Televisions: Newer models of televisions almost certainly have a USB port on them for various uses. One way to take advantage of this would be to plug a television screen into a compatible FireWire-enabled computer, giving you a high-definition monitor that also functions as a television.
  • Computers: Potentially the most obvious use for this device, the FireWire to USB cord makes it possible to form a wired connection between two computers and transfer data that would otherwise need to move over a wireless network.
What type of USB is connected to a FireWire cable?

While it differs from product to product, the typical design for a FireWire to USB cable includes the standard USB type B connection head. This is the rectangular USB that is featured on the vast majority of USB-enabled devices. Other options could include other types of USB, including micro USB, making it little more than a matter of tracking down the device you need on eBay.

Which computers could make use of FireWire connections?

There are several brands of computers that could make use of this type of connection cable, including the ones listed here:

  • Apple: As the inventor of the technology branded as FireWire, many old iMac computers exclusively use a FireWire connection.
  • Linux: Linux computers from the 90s often made use of FireWire cables.
  • Windows: Windows computers running on operating systems from 95 to XP all had the capability of interfacing with a FireWire.
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